We are Leckie and Laura. A Melbournian and a Brisbanite who met when we became Londoners. After 6 years of living in this great city, and less than 12 months until we turn 30, we have decided to quit our jobs and travel the world.

For the adventure and experience. As long as there are places we have not yet visited we will crave travel. We are not ‘trying to find ourselves’ or other such nonsense, we just really enjoy new places, people, sights, sounds and tastes. It’s a lot more interesting than sitting at a desk.

How can we afford it?
We worked hard and acquired great jobs. We scrimped and saved for almost 3 years. We lived in a sharehouse instead of getting our own place. More nights were spent on the couch catching up on Breaking Bad instead of going to a gig, downing 10 pints and throwing chips at each other on the night bus home.

“But you could buy a house with that much money!”
…and then we’d have a mortgage, broken dreams, no idea what Kudu tastes like, and a lack of stories about Ugandan moonshine distilleries. We believe there is plenty of time to settle down in the future.