Five of London’s Best Nightspots

Five of London’s Best Nightspots


London has been labeled many things in its time; the banking capital of the world, divorce capital, a foodie’s paradise and the breakfast capital of the world among others, according to the Guardian. While it’s certainly all of the above, it’s also a wonderful place to enjoy a night out.

With London being such a vast city, there’s always something to do regardless of whether it’s a weekday or the weekend. So, with all of the above in mind, here are 5 of London’s best nightspots.

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Posted from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

QJTW in National Geographic


I recently had the extreme honour of having a photograph published in a National Geographic hardcover book. To say this is exciting for us is an understatement! I have come across National Geographic’s photography books in homes and hostels all over the world and marveled at the incredible pictures within. To be included in one myself is something I never even imagined.

The book is entitled Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary, and was released in October of 2015. It is available almost everywhere as you would expect from a National Geographic publication. Click the image above to buy from Amazon.

My photograph is located across pages 246-247, but you will have to buy the book to see what it is!

This dazzling photography collection is the perfect gift for aspiring armchair travelers and avid photographers alike. Inspiring and provoking, RARELY SEEN is 400 pages of once-in-a-lifetime moments, natural wonders and little-seen objects from the far reaches of the globe. Organized around the themes of Phenomena, Life, Places, Objects and Moments, each photograph captures what very few get the chance to see for themselves — from 30,000-year-old cave art sealed from the public to animals that are among the last of their species on Earth to volcanic lightning, giant crystals that have grown to more than 50 tons and desert flowers that bloom just once a year.

Posted from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Beer Review: Zimbabwe

The last stop on our African leg and my last chance to have a crack at a few more African beers. Zimbabwe was somewhat more of the same, but with large supermarkets and even a dedicated bottle shop in Victoria Falls(!) finding the local brews was easier than ever. Unfortunately they still drank Shake-Shake here, however they had a different delivery method which managed to put me off it even more…
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Posted from Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.

Beer Review: Zambia

As soon as we had stepped over the border from Malawi into Zambia, the hunt for a drinkable beer was on. After being permanently scarred by Malawi’s Shake Shake, there had to be something better here. Whilst we didn’t have a long time in Zambia, we did manage to try the nation’s two most popular beers. We unfortunately discovered that they also love their traditional local brew… essentially Shake Shake with another name.
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Posted from Northern, Zambia.

QJTW in Oi Vietnam Magazine


I recently had an article about Siem Reap & Angkor Wat published in Oi Vietnam Magazine! Oi is distrubted throughout Ho Chi Minh City and is aimed at ex-pats and English speaking Vietnamese. To read my article simply click on the image above to download a PDF copy of the January 2015 edition, and you will find it on pages 72-75.

Oi Vietnam is a great magazine which also includes a lot of restaurant reviews for Ho Chi Minh City – so well worth checking out if you are heading to Saigon. Click here to view a list of issues available to download.