CALM Africa Donor Update


Hello to all our wonderful CALM Africa donors. It’s been 15 months since we distributed your hard earned cash around Uganda and here we are now making follow up visits.

In case you’ve forgotten, this is how the money was spent:

So we have good news and bad news, but overall I think the project was a success.


Loan: Received a small business loan to sell charcoal and a latrine for her family. The latrine was under construction when we left.

Follow Up: Mariam was selling charcoal from a local shop. That land was sold, so she changed tact. She now purchases vegetables locally and takes them into town to sell them. We haven’t been able to see her because she is working, which is wonderful.

We had a look around her property (perfectly acceptable to do here, haha) and the signs of improvement are apparent. Firstly, the children were not there, meaning she has been able to pay school fees. The latrine looks great and even has a private area for bathing. She has purchased chickens and the general area looks clean and well kept.



Loan: Received 3 bags of charcoal to sell outside her home

Follow Up: When we met Scovia she had been taken in by a family, who were allowing her to stay in a spare room they had. The family became jealous of the support Scvovia was receiving from CALM. They applied to CALM for support also, but as they don’t meet the criteria they were turned down. In reaction to this they turned Scovia and her children out on the street.

CALM found new lodgings for her through a connection of theirs, but the hardship meant that she was unable to continue her business. She won’t be pursued for the loan amount.


Loan: Received money to purchase shoes and bags from town to sell in local area

Follow Up: When we left Margaret she was 7 months pregnant. She decided to use the money to have her baby delivered privately, rather than its intended purpose.

When CALM became aware of what she had done, she was reminded that the loan was to be income generating, thus assisting all her children in the long run. Given the chance, she raised the money again by herself, purchased fish (not shoes?) and sold it at a profit.

Using this profit, Margaret is now a member of a group who have purchased chalk making equipment. They have all paid in equal amounts and intended to sell chalk. The proceeds go into a pot that members can borrow from and dividends are paid out.


The chalk mould


Loan: Received 3 bags of charcoal to sell in her existing stall

Follow Up: Mary had business experience already and has done well with the loan. She has generated enough profit to purchase 2 pigs. The pigs are in good condition and will soon be breeding age. She will then be able to sell the piglets.

Sadly, Mary has been diagnosed with throat cancer. She has had surgery and is having ongoing treatment. It’s not clear how serious it looks.



Loan: Received 1 pig for breeding and feed for 3 months

Follow Up: The pig has now had 2 litters of piglets and the debt of 3 piglets repaid to CALM. 2 of these piglets have been given to other families as income generating loans. The rest are being sold for profit.

Ronald’s wife is also keeping chickens now too.


Donations to School

* The shutters for the boys dormitory have been completed. They even have glass in them to keep out the mosquitoes.

* The playground work is finished, so now the kids don’t fall onto rocks when they tumble from the equipment.

* The mosquito nets and bunk beds purchased are in use, contributing to better health for the children.

The real winner here is the income generating loans. It’s been amazing to see the massive difference that £50 can make to the life of a family here.

Obviously it’s not all good news, but those things that have gone wrong have mostly been beyond anyone’s control. We feel really good about the final results and hope you do too. Once again, THANK YOU!!!

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