Five of London’s Best Nightspots

Five of London’s Best Nightspots


London has been labeled many things in its time; the banking capital of the world, divorce capital, a foodie’s paradise and the breakfast capital of the world among others, according to the Guardian. While it’s certainly all of the above, it’s also a wonderful place to enjoy a night out.

With London being such a vast city, there’s always something to do regardless of whether it’s a weekday or the weekend. So, with all of the above in mind, here are 5 of London’s best nightspots.

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Posted from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Beer Review: Zimbabwe

The last stop on our African leg and my last chance to have a crack at a few more African beers. Zimbabwe was somewhat more of the same, but with large supermarkets and even a dedicated bottle shop in Victoria Falls(!) finding the local brews was easier than ever. Unfortunately they still drank Shake-Shake here, however they had a different delivery method which managed to put me off it even more…
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Posted from Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.

Beer Review: Zambia

As soon as we had stepped over the border from Malawi into Zambia, the hunt for a drinkable beer was on. After being permanently scarred by Malawi’s Shake Shake, there had to be something better here. Whilst we didn’t have a long time in Zambia, we did manage to try the nation’s two most popular beers. We unfortunately discovered that they also love their traditional local brew… essentially Shake Shake with another name.
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Posted from Northern, Zambia.

A Sydney Volunteering Opportunity in Malawi

Our month in Malawi was like nothing else. We’d seen so much and loved having the time to soak up the culture of this wonderful country. We’d also spent A LOT of time in terrible transport and very basic accommodation, so we decided to enjoy a little luxury in Lilongwe for a couple of days before moving on to Zambia.

There wasn’t a whole lot to report from our time in Lilongwe, except for an attempted pickpocketing incident as soon as we stepped off they minibus. In fact, we weren’t going to write a blog from here at all. And then we meet Vittoria.

Vittoria is an Italian Australian woman who was staying in our guest house. As tends to happen when we meet Aussies abroad, we got talking about what an embarrassment Tony Abbott is.

As it turns out, Vittoria was in Lilongwe for a very sad reason. A few years ago, after completing a world record breaking quad bike ride (and raising $100,000 for OXFAM), her son Daniel was struck by a speeding car and killed. She was in Lilongwe to prepare a ceremony in his honour.

Vittoria amazed us with her outlook and told us of the foundation she started in his name, The Valerio Daniel de Simoni Association

Continuing his charity work, the foundation works with refugees, asylum seekers and other disadvantaged groups around Sydney. We were amazed by Vittoria’s strength and her ability to turn her loss into a gift.

We would encourage anyone in Sydney who had been considering donating some time to the disadvantaged to get in touch with the foundation.

Posted from Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi.