Beer Review: Zimbabwe

The last stop on our African leg and my last chance to have a crack at a few more African beers. Zimbabwe was somewhat more of the same, but with large supermarkets and even a dedicated bottle shop in Victoria Falls(!) finding the local brews was easier than ever. Unfortunately they still drank Shake-Shake here, however they had a different delivery method which managed to put me off it even more…
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Posted from Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.

Beer Review: Zambia

As soon as we had stepped over the border from Malawi into Zambia, the hunt for a drinkable beer was on. After being permanently scarred by Malawi’s Shake Shake, there had to be something better here. Whilst we didn’t have a long time in Zambia, we did manage to try the nation’s two most popular beers. We unfortunately discovered that they also love their traditional local brew… essentially Shake Shake with another name.
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Posted from Northern, Zambia.

Beer Review: Malawi

Ahhhhh Malawi, the unexpected home of Danish piss Carlsberg. They love it here, but they love the old advertising slogan even more. I even saw a school whose motto was “Probably one of the best schools in Malawi”. At first you despair, how am I going to survive on nothing but Carlsberg for a month!?!?! Then you discover Shake-Shake, and you are eternally indebted to those enterprising Danes. Malawi truly is home to the worst beer in the entire world, read on to see why.
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Posted from Chembe, Southern Region, Malawi.

Beer Review: Tanzania

I’m not going to lie. We drank A LOT of beer in Tanzania, especially on the beaches of Zanzibar. I almost feel overqualified for this review thinking back on it. The fact that we spent a couple of weeks in a beautiful, sunny, island paradise made them go down easy, and the fact they were cheap every night during the 2014 World Cup games certainly didn’t stop them flowing.
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Posted from Nungwi, Zanzibar North, Tanzania.

Beer Review: Rwanda


Rwanda is not a country many people know too much about. Infamous world wide for it’s somewhat recent genocide, and famous as home to some of the last wild mountain gorillas on Earth. Most couldn’t tell you much more, but as always I had one burning question… “What kind of beer do they drink?” Armed with a fistful of Francs and a thirst, I decided to find out.

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