Site Guide: Kankaw 1000 Monastery, Ayerwady District, Myanmar


Site Name: Kankaw 1000 Monastery
Area: Ayerwady District

Site Description:

Kankaw 1000 Monastery is situated in the middle of nowhere and is surrounded by the peace and quiet that location brings. The sayadaw who runs this monastery is a humanitarian and runs a free school and clinic from this site. Among other things, the children there are learning English.

On site there is an amazing Buddha statue garden. This contains 1000 Buddha statues, 1000 trees, 1000 columns and 1000 thrones. Nearby, in a sort of chamber, a further 1000 Buddha statues can be found. Deeper in the chamber is a dark meditation room. There is also a fish filled lake with a pagoda in the centre.

Travel Advice:

This place isn’t the easiest to get to but it’s very rewarding. Your best bet would be to hire a local guide from Pyapon. However, if you are an English teacher and would consider donating some of your time, please get in touch via here and we will connect you to the relevant people. It’s something we hope to spend some time doing when we return to Myanmar.

If you want to try to find your own way there, GPS coordinates are 16.501709, 95.343781

Be Aware:

This is a religious site and guests are expected to behave accordingly. This means covered shoulders, knees and cleavage, no shoes and overall behaving in a respectful manner. Note that you should never show the soles of your feet to a Buddha statue, should never touch someone on the head and should absolutely never touch a monk’s robes.


Posted from Ayeyarwady, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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