Site Guide: King’s Monastery, Pyapon, Myanmar


Site Name: King’s Monastery
Area: Pyapon, Ayerwady District, Myanmar

Site Description:

This 150 year old monastery is in the heart of Pyapon. The Abbott here welcomes visitors who come to meditate. You can stay and mediate here cost free – though as a tourist a donation would be a good idea.

The busiest time for the monastery is over the Myanmar New Year when up to 600 people will be meditating here. They start to arrive on 12 April, ready for the new year on 16 April.

The buildings here are quite pretty, some of which had to be rebuilt after Cyclone Nargis hit in 2008.

This is not a vegetarian monastery and so meat is served here.

Travel Advice:

You can get here easily from within Pyapon. To get here from Yangon you would need to hire a car. Share options are available. The road is not the most comfortable, but it takes only around 2.5 hours. If you wish to drive yourself, GPS coordinates are 16.293674, 95.679741

Be Aware:

This is a monastery. While you don’t need to be Buddhist to stay, you should respect their ways. Don’t wear shoes inside, cover shoulders, knees and cleavage. Don’t show the soles of your feet to a statue of Buddha, don’t touch anyone on the head and don’t touch a monk’s robes. You need to be meditating to stay here.

Posted from Pyapon, Ayeyarwady, Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

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