The following are organisations which we currently work with, or have in the past and encourage you to support where possible:


MEND NZ – Mobility Equipment for the Needs of the Disabled. A brilliant charity headed by Rob Bunchanan who travels the world helping people with disabilities.

Calm Africa – A great place to volunteer whist seeing Uganda.

Children First Uganda – The UK Fundraising Arm of CALM Africa.

SST Myanmar – SST helped us arrange our volunteering opportunity in Myanmar.
Kiva – The best and most sustainable way to support people in developing nations around the globe.

One thought on “Support

  1. Hi Leckie and Laura,

    We met in Bankok at the BKK Bistro & BAR. with Huckleberry (Keith Richard) the jewelryman
    I’m the Indonesian looking fellow from Amsterdam

    You told such a great story so of course I visit your site

    What a wonderful travel experiences you had!
    Great to see pictures of the adventures you told!

    Unfortunately I’m back in Amsterdam and haven’t quitjobtravelworld yet

    Might you be in Amsterdam visit our souvenirstore with cows on the roof on Damsquare.
    oh..please bring a can of vegimite!;)

    Have a great journey and enjoy more of your adventurous traveling.
    Ill will check your site now and then.

    Best Regards,

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