Thailand: Farewell Railay

Sadly it’s almost time for us to leave Railay and tomorrow we will fly to Bangkok where we’ll finish up our time in Thailand and spend a couple of days preparing for Myanmar.

We haven’t really done a huge amount since the last blog. It’s been a very relaxing time indeed.

Where we are in the rainforest, we’ve been able to do quite a lot of wildlife watching. There have been 2 kinds of monkeys, lots of tiny birds, a humming bird, a snake, lizards, a water monitor, butterflies, fish leaping out of the water, a bright green jumping spider, bats and frogs.


A very naughty monkey near Phranang Beach

We did have one big tourist day out on a boat where we did some island hopping, snorkeling and had a sunset BBQ on the beach. The highlight of this day was night swimming with the bioluminescent plankton. It was so amazing to run my hands through the water and see them light up in the pitch black around me. Oddly, many of the people on the boat couldn’t swim so we didn’t have to fight for snorkel equipment. However one time I was in the water and one of the non-swimmers threw a bit of bread near my legs. A feeding frenzy ensued and one poor fish leaped out of the water and landed right on my floating buttocks! That was a bit of a shock!


The beautiful clear waters we were swimming in

Both in London and here we’d heard that we needed to check out Tonsai. It’s the next beach over and is accessible by boat at high tide or on foot at low tide. Unfortunately we really didn’t see the charm in it. I mean, it’s ok, but Railay and Phranang are prettier. It seems like a place where backpackers start, get stuck and just never leave. I lost count of the amount of hula hoops and tight ropes I saw grown adults playing with. Not really my scene but to each their own.

Thai massage, and a range of other spa treatments are so cheap here. I had an hour long Thai massage for about £5. The masseuse was amazing and managed to fix my hip which had been sore for months. I didn’t even tell her about it, she just noticed the tension in that spot. Well worth every baht. I even managed to convince Leckie to get a foot massage. This came with a surprise shoulder massage. He was so sunburned and the look on his face was so unimpressed that I had to hide behind the ladyboy doing my foot scrub so he wouldn’t see me laughing.

We haven’t been drinking a lot, but did have one night out. We found ourselves in a small bar called Jamrock with a Thai rasta bartender called Sam. Sam has a giant afro and is unbelievably friendly. He challenged Leckie to a game of jenga and then proceeded to build a crazy elaborate tower (picture below). All up, the night out cost us around £18. That wouldn’t even do a round in the dev!


Playing jenga with Sam at Jamrock in Railay

In other news, our host in Myanmar has been emailing and has arranged all sorts of things for our first couple of days there. She’s arranged a tour of Yangon, a meeting with an archaeology professor and meetings with our students. She’s also confirmed that we are able to have our own rented house. This is really unusual for foreigners in Myanmar. We have no idea what to expect from the house, but are getting very excited!


Floating around Phranang Beach

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