We Still Call Australia Home


Sunset at Caloundra

Sadly, our highly-relaxing month long stop in Australia has come to an end. The last fortnight being topped off of course by seeing Laura’s little sister get married, which was a party we are still recovering from! However one thing which has surprised us both after so many years away, is that we are now kind of looking forward to moving back here on a more permanent basis in the future…

It’s nice to be able to turn on a tap and drink the water without fear of contracting amoebic dysentery. To turn on the same tap and have steaming hot water on demand. To be able to walk out the door in the evening without fearing malarial mosquitoes. To be able to interact with a police officer knowing you won’t have to pay any bribes. To be able to publicly voice your opinion that your country’s Prime Minister is an utter dickhead, without fear of violent retribution. To be able to go to a hospital and not see warning signs about Ebola outbreaks. It’s also nice knowing that you won’t go to jail because you believe all people are equal regardless of sexual orientation, religion or race… and these are just the basics so many Aussies like us have taken for granted.


Sydney Harbour

Personally I’d also forgotten how beautiful our beaches are. How clean the air is. The joy of walking into a supermarket and having fresh, locally farmed food available alongside a wide range of ingredients from all over the world. How the staff at the checkout actually talk to you! How much bigger the average house and backyard is compared to anywhere else in the world. The beauty of a parma and pint in the beer garden with AC/DC on the jukebox. How good Australian wine is and how nice it is to share a bottle or three with family. The ability to see our families outside of a computer screen, and so much more.


Caloundra Beach



Our adventures are far from over, and we are far from disappointed with that. We do however have a renewed understanding of why so many other travelers we meet continually profess a desire to live in our homeland. It’s safe to say we will again, at some point, call Australia home.


Goodbye Brisbane!

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