Bangkok Accommodation Review


I suppose the timing of this post isn’t great, given that Thailand is currently experiencing a coup and a huge reduction in tourism. However, I’ve been working on it for some time, so here goes…

We’ve been using Bangkok as our stopover point during the beginning phases of our trip. Partly due to geographical location and partly due to the free tourist visa. We’ve totally fallen in love with Bangkok. This has meant that we have stayed in a variety of places and feel well placed to write a Bangkok accommodation review based on our experiences.

As with all of our posts, these recommendations are aimed at budget travellers.

Kriss Residence (Transit Hotel)
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This is your standard transit hotel. The hotel runs a shuttle bus for the 5 minute journey from the airport and back, though unless you call to remind them when you land, you are unlikely to actually be picked up.

At only 600 baht per night, it’s a good deal for budget travellers. You can easily pay 10 x this much in brand name airport hotels.

Your 600 baht won’t but you luxury, but it will but you a large room, friendly staff, a TV, air conditioning and some seriously creative plumbing.

There is no food on site (despite advertising to the contrary), but it’s a short walk to cheap local plastic stool restaurants.

Lub d Silom (Hostel)
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This busy hostel has a partner site in Siam, but we really like the Silom area, so opted for this one.

It’s all the things you would expect in a SE Asian hostel, but with none of the expected issues. The doors are soundproof, the beds comfortable, the rooms clean and the water hot, the staff are super friendly and there’s even a safe.

Though at 900 baht per night for a twin room with no window and no ensuite it feels a little over priced. Their food is obscenely priced and they operate a ‘clean your own tray’ policy. Just step outside for food that is much nicer at a fraction of the price and you don’t have to clean up afterwards.

This hostel is pretty happening, so it’s s great place to meet people, just don’t eat there.


Bangrak House No 32 (Guest House)
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This place was best for experiencing ‘authentic’ Bangkok. For 850 baht a night you’ll find yourself in an air conditioned double room in a genuine Thai house in an alley in Silom.

Bathrooms are shared and walls are thin. Unfortunately the people we shared and inter bedroom window with liked to sleep with the light on (who does that?!), but it was great to live like a local. The house is right off Silom Rd and a super happening side street where you can feed yourself on 50 baht.

The owners of the house run a bar nearby, so whilst not on site, they’re on hand if you need anything.

We would stay here again over the similarly priced hostel.

Bangkok Loft Inn (Hotel)
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At 1200 baht per night, the Bangkok Loft Inn is a little more expensive, but is in a whole other league in terms of quality. We stayed here to rejuvenate after a hard 2 months on Myanmar and didn’t want to leave. Beautiful big soft beds and all the modern conveniences you would expect of a 4+ star hotel

It’s quite small, the staff are great and it’s a short walk from night food markets.

It’s not the best located geographically, but is right by a Sky Train station and we would happily hole up here for a week or more. Loved, loved, loved it!


So happy to have a proper room and comfy bed after some hard backpacking

* We have not been commissioned by any of the above accommodation providers, though some links are affiliate links.

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