Beer Review: Zimbabwe

The last stop on our African leg and my last chance to have a crack at a few more African beers. Zimbabwe was somewhat more of the same, but with large supermarkets and even a dedicated bottle shop in Victoria Falls(!) finding the local brews was easier than ever. Unfortunately they still drank Shake-Shake here, however they had a different delivery method which managed to put me off it even more…

Zambezi (4.2%) – There is something special about drinking a beer named after a location, in that location. A Kilimanjaro lager at the base of the mountain, a Mandalay beer on the streets of Mandalay, and no exception was downing Zambezi’s whilst cruising the mighty Zambezi River. Another case of the environment enhancing my taste experience. As I swigged the icy lager I watched a massive Kingfisher pulling crabs from the water and beating them against a tree to free the meat, off the other side of the boat hippos frolicked and the sun was setting. Loooooovely.
Lion Lager (5.0%) – My only experience of Lion Lager was on the balcony of a hotel we could never afford to stay in. Looking down toward their own waterhole as a herd of buffalo rocked up for a sundowner. It was the only beer on the menu I could really afford at their ridiculously inflated prices. How the other half live! The label is shithouse, but it’s a passable lager and generally pretty cheap. Gets a bit rough after three.
Golden Pilsener (3.8%) – Brewed with Czech SAAZ hops, they refer to this as a semi-premium beer. I’m semi-confused by that. Then again the brewer, Delta, seem to think Czechoslovakia is still a country. Very light beer, probably good if you don’t really like beer but for some reason decided to buy beer.
Eagle Lager (5.0%) – Cool bottle cap! That’s about where my excitement ended. Sorghum based… hmmmmm. I know something else sorghum based, and it is beyond horrible. There is a reason why this lives on the bottom shelf and is dirt cheap. Nasty, but you’d still drink it if it were the only option. I suspect this would provide a kicking hangover.

Bohlingers Lager (4.2%) – There is a taste to this I just can’t deal with. Couldn’t even finish it. Not for me at all. They export this? Ohhhhh it’s their Fosters. All makes sense now.
Chibuku Scud (?.?%) – I thought I knew everything there was to know about Chibuku Shake-Shake. I was wrong. In Zimbabwe they love it so much they sell it in massive 2L brown plastic barrels known as a “Scud”. I picked one up to marvel at it’s horror in the supermarket and a Zimbabwean man went into hysterics laughing at my reaction as I held it high shouting for Laura to see what I’d found. I later learned that there had been some recent controversy over scuds. You see people had been discovering disgusting, unthinkable things inside those bottles. What could be more digusting that Shake-Shake though? Oh, how about a dead lizard and a used sanitary pad to start? Even more reason not to drink this filth, despite the fact that it’s so popular in Zimbabwe it even has a classic TV advertisement:

Posted from Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe.

2 thoughts on “Beer Review: Zimbabwe

  1. Hi. Love your website, so many interesting articles and so much information to take in. Sounds like you’re really living the life and have done the right thing. We’ve just started our little adventure. Quit our jobs, sold the house, got rid of everything, and left the UK to travel. Couple of months in Europe before off to Australia and NZ for 6 months in September. Any tips?

    The hardest decision for us was the initial one to actually do something. Just thought that there must be more to life so went for it. So far so good.

    You guys seem to have the right attitude and are enjoying your life which is exactly what we aspire to. Hope it continues for you. Jonno.

    • Thanks for reading Jonno, glad you like our site and good work on getting out there. It will be a trip you never regret or forget!

      We had to interrupt our travels to help out a family member and are currently located in Brisbane Australia – if you pass through, get in touch and we’d be happy to take you out for a drink =)

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