Site Guide: Pa Auk Meditation Centre, Mon State, Myanmar

Site Name: Pa Auk Meditation Centre
Area: Near Mawlamyine, Mon State

Site Description:

This popular modern meditation centre attracts hundreds of people to the area at anytime time. Monks and nuns from across the world visit for a time to mediate and reflect on their faith.

The meditation centre is split by male and female and by local and foreigner as the foreigners are fed different food. The staff in the international section speak English and if you ask nicely they may let you observe the volunteers feeding the monks at about 10:15 am daily. One the bell is rung, the monks file past in silence (they’re still meditating) as one by one the volunteers fill their cauldron like bowls with food.

There is also a view point up some stairs near the feeding area.

Travel Advice:

Pa Auk Meditation Centre is 20 mins maximum from anywhere in Mawlamyine. You can get here by hiring a motorbike taxi or a tuk tuk.

Be Aware:

It is not permitted to take photos of people meditating. That includes people meditating while walking. Best to just not take any.

The people here are meditating so be quiet! That means phones off and no loud or unnecessary talking.

This is a religious site and guests are expected to behave accordingly. This means covered shoulders, knees and cleavage, no shoes and overall behaving in a respectful manner. Note that you should never show the soles of your feet to a Buddha statue, should never touch someone on the head and should absolutely never touch a monk’s robes.

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