Beer Review: Malawi

Ahhhhh Malawi, the unexpected home of Danish piss Carlsberg. They love it here, but they love the old advertising slogan even more. I even saw a school whose motto was “Probably one of the best schools in Malawi”. At first you despair, how am I going to survive on nothing but Carlsberg for a month!?!?! Then you discover Shake-Shake, and you are eternally indebted to those enterprising Danes. Malawi truly is home to the worst beer in the entire world, read on to see why.
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Posted from Chembe, Southern Region, Malawi.

Beer Review: Uganda


Statistically, Ugandans are one of the heaviest drinking African nations. If you’ve ever tasted Ugandan Waragi from a plastic sachet, or the interestingly named ‘Legitimate Whisky’, you would think they were mad. Thankfully they brew a drinkable beer… though I must say I’m always confused why I’m presented with the question “Would you like it cold?” every time I order one. “No thanks, I’ll have the one you left in the sun over there” said no one ever.

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