Beer Review: Tanzania

I’m not going to lie. We drank A LOT of beer in Tanzania, especially on the beaches of Zanzibar. I almost feel overqualified for this review thinking back on it. The fact that we spent a couple of weeks in a beautiful, sunny, island paradise made them go down easy, and the fact they were cheap every night during the 2014 World Cup games certainly didn’t stop them flowing.
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Posted from Nungwi, Zanzibar North, Tanzania.

Tanzania: Moshi, Mountains, Mbuzi and Masai


If you’ve ever heard about the safety records of African airlines, you will understand why I was slightly nervous about flying Rwandair. Fortunately my concerns were completely unfounded, and both the flight and the accompanying service were flawless. Flying into Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro airport we had a stunning view of one of the eponymous mountain’s smaller siblings, Mount Meru, poking through the cloud cover. Almost clear, but not quite. This turned out to be a sign of the week to come.

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