WTF Thailand: Ukrainian Dance Commander

With the sad state of affairs in the Ukraine right now, all I can think of is this amazing man we met in Thailand. He’d enjoyed his holiday so much he stopped the entire bar to present the DJ with a Ukrainian sailors cap, then set the dance floor ablaze. I hope you and your family are safe good sir! War is complete bullshit and I hope everything calms down before it gets to that point.

Thailand: Farewell Railay

Sadly it’s almost time for us to leave Railay and tomorrow we will fly to Bangkok where we’ll finish up our time in Thailand and spend a couple of days preparing for Myanmar.

We haven’t really done a huge amount since the last blog. It’s been a very relaxing time indeed.

Where we are in the rainforest, we’ve been able to do quite a lot of wildlife watching. There have been 2 kinds of monkeys, lots of tiny birds, a humming bird, a snake, lizards, a water monitor, butterflies, fish leaping out of the water, a bright green jumping spider, bats and frogs.


A very naughty monkey near Phranang Beach

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